The process from design and testing to production can be a real headache! To help make your job easier, Hill Systems has developed tools to aid you in designing and creating accurate OMR forms quickly and inexpensively.

Develop OMR forms using Hill System’s OMR-Fonts with many word processors, report writers, or desktop publishing packages, including Miscrosoft Word®, QuarkExpress® and Crystal Reports® and more. Our OMR-Fonts contain the special characters you need when creating an OMR form. This includes response areas, timing marks, lithocoding characters, clip art and more.

Font Characters Include:

Upper and Lower Case Alphabet


Special Characters
Special Chars

The characters in the fonts can be used to construct common data collection “grids” for various types of information to be collected. This includes social security numbers, dates, multiple choice questions, and more.

Data Entry Grids Created with Hill Systems OMR Fonts

Use Your Favorite Page Layout Software

Miscrosoft Word®
Crystal Reports®

You can use many off-the-shelf page layout packages to create your OMR forms. Don’t be tied to a single watered down proprietary OMR form design package.

If you need to print out your completed OMR forms onto plain paper or blank A4 labels, you can first install the OMR-Fonts on your system. You can purchase suitable blank A4 labels on sheets from companies online such as Cloud Labels. There are also label printing templates available to download to make the job of printing out your information onto an A4 label easier, including full sheet labels which are ideal.

To give developers maximum freedom, we have created Hill Systems OMR-Fonts™ for many platforms. We are also developing new OMR-Fonts™ that will cover an even wider range of operating systems and environments.

Simplify form design and production with Hill Systems OMR-Fonts™ now! We are currently developing tools to help the OMR developer.